Cake Decorating Tutorials

There’s no celebration centrepiece quite like a beautifully decorated cake.
Here is a selection of cake decorating tutorials designed to walk beginner and intermediate cake decorators through particular cake designs, plus lots of cake decorating tips and tricks for everyone.


New To cake decorating?

Then start with these beginner cake tutorials. I’ll teach you how to cover a cake with ganache, how to colour ganache and my favourite technique for covering a cake with fondant.

How to
Ganache a Cake

Learn how to make ganache and how to apply it to your cake to create perfectly smooth, straight sides and a sharp top edge!

How to
colour ganache

Learn how to make chocolate ganache in any colour, what food colouring to use, how to make a coloured ganache drip and so much more!

How to Wrap a Cake
with Fondant

Learn how to cover a cake in fondant using my upside-down wrapping technique, which will give your cake a super smooth finish with a sharp top edge!

Cake Decorating Tips

I love a good cake decorating tip. Here are some tips that I think you should see!

How to Make the Shiniest Edible Metallic Paint

This paint is super shiny, can be made with your own favourite metallic lustre powders, and best yet, won’t rub off your cake when you touch it!

How to Make Flexible
Fondant Smoothers

Flexible fondant smoothers are one of the keys to getting super smooth fondant, and I’ll show you how to make them cheaply and easily at home!

How to Make Fondant Stick

If you’re making fondant and gumpaste decorations, you’ll need a way to make them stick. Here I’ll show you lots of different edible glue options, and when you should use them.

Some of my Favourite Cake Techniques…

These are a few of my own personal favourite cake decorating techniques and ideas.

How to paint on a
Fondant Cake

Learn how to prepare your cake to paint, how to trace on any design of your choosing, and tips for how to paint neatly, even if you don’t think you’re an artist.

Easy Watercolour

This watercolour technique is virtually foolproof, due to the fact that, shh, we’re not even using water!

Rough Edge Ganache
Drip Cake

This cake is the perfect design for almost any occasion. A rough ganache top edge with super shiny ganache drip a a touch of gold leaf.

New Zealand Cake decorators

Looking for somewhere to buy cake decorating supplies? I have a handy list and Google map showing cake decorating suppliers around the country.